Sunday, October 27, 2013

finish project/gift

Few weeks ago, early in the morning I gave my coworker/friend a cover or dress for her cell phone. I told her “my birthday and Christmas gift for you”. I’m too lazy and thrifty.  But the main reason is it’s hard to give the right gift to people.
brioche stitch

I don't have hard time measuring the right length because luckily she and my brother have the same cell phone.

The next day, she told me that she showed it to her sister and immediately her sister asked if I can make her one.  She told what I might tell her “provide me a yarn and give me a week I’ll do it”.

This is not my first time doing this kind but it my first time doing this using a brioche stitch. I also do have one but I use crochet hook with regular pattern in it. I also give my friends personalized coin purse (I leave a coin).

Personally I don’t like receiving gifts because it easy to say Thank You but the way I say it sometimes my sound is sarcastic but that not what really my intention. I like personalized stuff.