Sunday, February 9, 2014

day 2 davao

hindi namin alam kong paano at bakit nalate pa rin kami sa schedule time namin na dapat umalis para sa susunod na destination.

at ang malala pa ay wala kaming rent na masasakyan kaya commute kami.
ibang ang trickel sa Davao parang maliit na jeep pero yung 2 tao sa harap kabilaan upuan ng driver nakaupo.

katabi ko si kuya driver

accident happened again to her it's her 1st time on that day
humawak sa maling hawakan sa pagsakay ng taxi

to paanod almost 1 hour ang paglalakbay

our leader

to paanod group photo muna

ang duryan bow
ngayon lang ako nakakita

bumaba ng sasakyan dahil hindi kami kaya ng sasakyan
so walk ang mode

gear up
beginning of the paanod

lunch after the paanod

to eagle center

me taking the video

angry eagle accoeding to kuya

jump shot

miss my childhood

buying pasalubong

trip to davao (day one)

1 week na pala ang nakalipas sa aming bakasyon sa davao.

I usual go to church in Antipolo (Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage) and in Katipunan (Monasterio De Santa Clara) to asked for safe trip and guidance 

our itinerary

after almost a year of waiting our vacation is finally on the grab. 3 am we need in the airport.
yes this is my first flight. it so scary but good for me because I'm the not only "first timer" 3 people in this picture also thier first time.


my ticket

this is it. going going to Davao

after 2 hours we finally arrived
waiting for our time 

wacky mode
bob marley (my jacket) landing in Davao

buy stuff and for lunch

to afraid to hold the real snake so instead
 we found out that Zorb is closed already. So we have theory that accident happened so that activity closed. We cancel our tour to butterfly and just drop by to Tribu K' Mindanawan for a while.  

   on the way to Zipline accident happened. boom . So we ride the another cab to reach to the zipline.

my number. i'm 3rd to the last

before the drop

 i'm so scared. I do have fear in heights. up to now i don't know what am I thinking to say yes in this activity. i don't know where do i get my courage. 

and i forget that i should not wear my doll shoes i might drop it so ending my shoes in my  back. so I'm bare foot and i felt the air it add chill in me. 

in good side i not wearing my contact lens so it kinda lessen my vision.