Thursday, March 26, 2015

visita iglesia part 1

It my first visita iglesia. I'm with my mother and younger brother we went to Batangas. Based on the itenary 11 chruches but due to time constraint we skip 1 church. But still it went well and we are happy.

 it was made for my brother but because he still not visiting us so my mother used it first but then decided that it will be hers. Instructed me to make another for my brother.
2nd slouchy beret in white yarn

1st Station 
Saint Padre Pio Shrine

2 sides of the cross hang in the church

1st stop I'm looking forward to visit all the churches specially this church. The place was huge although the time we stay there was limited I appreciate the view it was really different to the traditional churches no doubt why many people visited it. 

I don't know if I am a good friend or not but I know that sometimes I can be bad and sometimes I'm not. But I do know that I do have few friends that will tell me if a went too far and I cross the line big time.

2nd Station 
St Thomas Aquinas Parish 
Sto. Tomas

I thought its a church of iglesia ni cristo I don't know why. It was a tradional church for me. All the churches have beautiful history and story why and how they are built.

I can be alone and worst  stubborn 

3rd station
St John the Evangelist Parish

Very traditional church but very interesting details in ceiling. It like the lights i look like there stars and the triangle in both side for me it cool.

Judgmental me of course guilty as charge. 

4th Station
Nuestra Senora dela Soledad Parish

I dont have any expectation in the church but when we arrived there I found it very intriguing the ambiance. The church on the outside  just plain white but inside it so colorful again I like the details in  the ceiling. 

I do have big mouth and not good way. I will not promise to behave but I will try.

To be continued